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Why Unscented Products Are So Important in Natural Skincare

Have you ever really wanted to love a product but the scent was all wrong? This happened to me quite a bit in my days working for government entities with "no-scent" policies. I spent hours online searching for the perfect body butter that would moisturize deeply enough for my parched skin. I found one that seemed like it would be amazing, but when it arrived in the mail it was heavily scented and I couldn't use it if I was going to work that day. 

The thing that bothered me the most is that the website did not describe what the scent of the butter would be. It just said "naturally scented" so I was forced to just hope that the scent would be faint or at least agreeable. That leads me to my next question: Why is it so hard to find quality natural skincare products that offer UNSCENTED options? 

Helen Rose Skincare makes it our priority to offer a full lineup of unscented options. We know that people looking for natural skincare often times have very sensitive skin that can be irritated by synthetic AND natural scents. We also know that scents are emotional and can be triggering, so offering unscented options is essential. Sensitivity to scent is REAL and we completely understand.